AP Literature and Composition (Senior)

Click here for summer work!

AP Language and Composition (Junior)

Attend ONE of the following sessions after school during May to receive the summer work. The session will be about 50 minutes in length and run from 2:10 to 3:00 each day. Failure to attend a session will result in your name being removed from the course.

Monday, May 14
Tuesday, May 15
Monday, May 21
Tuesday, May 22

After providing a writing sample, you will receive the summer work packet and your books. If you are not a current Kekaulike student, please retrieve your packet from the registrar when you register for classes.

Freshman Honors Summer Packet

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Sophomore Honors Summer Packet

Please join "Class of 2021 Honors English" in Google Classroom where you will find your assignment as well as a sign-up sheet.

Go to: https://classroom.google.com/
Join code for the class is: rr5xvwe